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Water Treatment

Industrial Process Water Treatment

78% Suspended Solids reduction by HYD10 DAF Tecnology

Flow treated 10 cubics per hour.

Installed in Canegrate, Milan, Italy 

Water Treatment

Mixed Municipality and Chemical Waste Water Treatment

Primary Treatment incresed by HYD 480 DAF Technology

Flow 460 cubics per hour

Intalled in Visp, Switzerland

Water Treatment

R.O. Desalination

Drinking Water from salt water

Flow 10 mdules by 750 cubics per day each

Installed in Prayon, Egypt

Food & Beverage


Dissolved Liquid Salt

Innovative production plant to reach a stable salty food solution

to reduce salt consumption.

Installed in Brescia, Italy

Food & Beverage

Sludge to Fertilizer

A Production of Fertilizer from biological liquid sludge from the municipality Wastewater Treatment plant was installed in Cassano D’Adda Milano

Treatment capacity up to 70,000 cubics per year. 

Food & Beverage

Biochar Production

A pilot plant for Biochar/Charcoal production was installed in Crema, Italy

The product is suitable for fertilizer or chemical application.

Production up to 500 tons per year


Poultry Manure To Energy

Complete tranformation plant from wet puolty manure to electrical energy production was installed in Akhisar Turkey.

Icoming manure up to 2 tons per hour

Electrical Power 1 MWe


High Quality Pellet Production

12,000 tons per year of high quality pellet production plant is installing in Pavia, Italy

This plant respect the Circular Economy Philosophy.


Solar Power Stations

Several Installations in Europe over 100 MWe

Zero Waste

Pulper Recycling

Capacity of treatment 30, 50 and 70 Tons per day


Zero Waste

Tires Recycling

2, 3 or 5 tons per hour treatment plant

Zero Waste

Fridge Recycling

From 40 to 60 incoming refrigerator per hour



Aluminium Die Casting



Tool Machining Handling



Gravity Casting Pouring