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Fields of Application

Waste Water

Decentralized WasteWaters treatment plant was the first technology where Hydroswiss was focused

Drink Water

There are several technologies to transform not salty raw water into drink water.


Hydroswiss has developed a containerized modular system solutions to treat salty water in easy way application.

Industrial Water

Industrial water treatment is huge number of application

Paper Mills Process

DAF Dissolved Air Flotation is the well know technology used into paper production industries to treat waste process water

Leachate Treatment

is the most difficult process of water treatment, the reason is the unknown element present into the leachate day by day

Fishery Water

DAF Dissolved Air Flotation is highly performing in fishery water treatment

Electro Dyalisis

Electrodialysis (ED) is used to transport salt ions from one solution through ion-exchange membranes to another solution under the influence of an applied electric potential difference

Sanitized Water

Water treatment solution to sanitizing water for humans and animal using.


MT-CONNECT and MedTech Summit Congress & Partnering

One event with many facets: From 11 to 12 April 2018, the leading event for the medical technology sector will take place at Exhibition Centre Nuremberg. The combination of trade fair, congress and partnering event attracts a wealth of expertise to one place....

Non-fossil fuel: Will Nigeria reap from potentials of Jatropha?

Nigeria stands a chance to grow alternative non-fossil fuel from the Jatropha plant, an evergreen tree considered environmentally friendly. Although Jatropha has been well established in the energy circle since the beginning of the year 2000 as an oil crop for...

Geothermal energy powering future

For manufacturing, we need affordable, reliable and clean energy. The sector will be attractive in a regime of friendly tariffs. And nothing promises a spectacular combination of affordability and reliability like the geothermal source. Indeed, with a geothermal...

Using Deep Geothermal to Heat and Cool Buildings and Reduce Energy Bills

You might not realize it, but beneath our feet lies a source of heat that can be tapped to provide heating and cooling to both residential and commercial buildings, replacing current, large-scale systems with a renewable and domestically sourced energy. The...

‘Groundbreaking’: Cornwall geothermal project seeks funds

Apioneering project to produce power from hot rocks several kilometres under the ground in Cornwall will begin drilling early next year, if a multimillion-pound fundraising drive succeeds. Abundance, a crowdfunding platform overseen by the main City regulator, will...

US Energy Dept. Still Believes That Small Wind Turbines Are Da Bomb

The renewable energy spotlight shines brightest on the latest crop of supersized wind turbines and gigantic wind farms, but the small wind sector still has a chance to plant its flag on the US energy landscape. In the latest development, the Energy Department is...

Why micro wind turbines don’t work

The most dispiriting thing about trying to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle is that it is all about not doing things. We are told we have to stop flying, stop driving, stop eating meat, stop heating our houses... the list goes on and on. So it is a nice...

Small Wind: Market Update

London, UK -- Small wind energy systems are experiencing significant growth as the technology finally appears to be coming of age. What can big wind's little brother conjure up to advance the role of renewable energy in today's generation mix? Typically generating...

Micro Wind Turbines Still In Play As US Wind Energy Vaults To #1 Worldwide

Leaving aside distributed wind energy and micro wind turbines for the moment, the Energy Department’s new 2014 Wind Technologies Market Report (produced by our friends over at LBNL — Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) finds that the utility-scale wind energy...

Donald Trump’s tariffs on panels will cost US solar industry thousands of jobs

Donald Trump’s decision to impose a tariff on imported solar panels will cost the US solar industry about 23,000 jobs this year and risks slowing the growth of clean energy that would help address climate change, renewable energy advocates warned. Trump has imposed a...