Industrial Water

Industrial water treatment is huge number of application. Thanks to the huge experience of Hydroswiss and his selected skilled partner, it is possible find the right solution for several water treatment industrial need.

The following list is comprensive of the main fields where Hydroswiss has operated with success:

  • Emulsioned process water
  • Food water processing
  • Oil extraction
  • Fishery
  • Hazardous pollutants
  • Tanneries
  • Textil
  • Metal cooling process


Water Process Treatment


Industrial Process Wastewater Treatment

Lubricants, Cooling Waters, Process Wastewaters, in several conditio Hydroswiss is able to treat wastewaters and make it usable again in the production process.


Oil and Gas Wastewater


Oil and Gas wastewater treatment

By the innovative and low energy consumption solutions, Hydroswiss is able to recover raw material from wast water into oil and gas production processes.


Textil Industry Waste Water Treatment


Textil Industry Wastewater treatment

painting and tanneries processes water treatment solution.