LNG plant from biogas

The LNG-500 compact plant

enables the transformation of biogas

from landfills and biodigesters

into LNG and liquid CO2


Efficiency at


Compact and Functional

LNG-500 inside

Compact plant

The high degree of engineering allowed the 3 process steps to be enclosed in a 40′ container

In addition to the cryogenic tanks, which can be chosen in a fixed or mobile configuration to facilitate transport

Engineered and built in Italy

State-of-the-art plant

All process steps are controlled and managed via PLC and remote control instrumentation using Industry 4.0 software and interconnection

The use of artificial intelligence by means of predictive algorithms optimises the operation of each individual component to achieve maximum system efficiency under all operating conditions

LNG-500 inside

For whom it is intended

  • For landfills
  • For biodigesters


Operation is guaranteed

even with mains methane

Advantages of Liquefied Natural Gas



storing large quantities of energy
in small volumes



unlike LPG
it is lighter than air



Low impact
environmental impact

BioLNG for a more sustainable future

Biomethane is crucial for achieving
the decarbonisation goals of the transport sector and meet EU targets

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