Water Treatment

Waste Water

Decentralized WasteWaters treatment plant was the first technology where Hydroswiss was focused. ages.

Drink Water

There are several technologies to transform not salty raw water into drink water.


Hydroswiss has developed a containerized modular system solutions to treat salty water in easy way application.

Industrial Water

Industrial water treatment is huge number of application.

Paper Mills Process

DAF Dissolved Air Flotation is the well know technology used into paper production industries to treat waste process water.

Leachate Treatment

Leachate Treatment is the most difficult process of water treatment, the reason is the unknown element present into the leachate day by day.

Fishery Water

DAF Dissolved Air Flotation is highly performing in fishery water treatment.

Electro Dyalisis

Electrodialysis (ED) is used to transport salt ions from one solution through ion-exchange membranes to another solution under the influence of an applied electric potential difference.

Sanitized Water

Water treatment solution to sanitizing water for humans and animal using.