If then Biochar is much too valuable to be just worked into the soil without having it used at least once for other more beneficial use, the agricoltural use still one of most important use even as final use.

The differences between Natural Charcoal and Biochar are determinated by production procces that imprints the fundamentals features.

Charcoal and Biochar can be utilized in fertilizer ans as a organic vehicle to absorb and transport the water in the cultivation.

It is possible used as organic support into plant nursery cultivation even in soiless hydroponic organic gardering.

Hydroswiss has an oun Biochar production by selected partner companies to assure high standards of quality.


Biochar Agricultural Application


Agricultural Application

Fertilizer, Soil Improver

Field tests by Biochar Fund in Cameroon ( have demonstrated up to 220% yield increase in maize crops in degraded soil in one season with addition of biochar to the soil.






Biochar Humans Using

Medical and pharmaceutical application






Activated Carbon


Activated Carbon

Chemical and water treatmen.

Biochar lessens the run-off of nitrogen into waterways, which can cause serious health problems. These include ‘blue baby’ deaths from high nitrate contamination of ground water.


Animals Food



Animals Food

Pets and farm animals dietary supplement.

Biochar is widely used as a dietary supplement in the livestock industry in Europe and Japan, improving animal health by assisting in digestion, reducing feed requirements and methane production.