CARBOPELLET technology allows to optimize two production processes such as the production of wood pellets and the production of vegetable charcoal. The combination of these two production lines under the CARBOPELLET protocol allows savings of up to 30% of operating costs related to the thermal energy used.

Production of quality pellets

The innovative technologies used together with strict production protocols lead the pellet and biochar production plant to have zero environmental impact.

Immissions in the environment of the pellet production cycle are protected by safe systems for the abatement of wood dust.

Immissions in the environment in the production cycle of Biochar are practically nil, as all the heat flow is used and recycled in the production process.

We can affirm without fear of denial that the proposed system has a positive environmental impact, that is that overall the environment improves if the plant is used properly.

Quality vegetable coal production

The vegetable carbon, obtained from a process of processing of the branches, is an innovative product that sees 55 different applications in different markets, some of which are expected to grow enormously:

Agronomic: Biochar; it is an excellent natural soil improver able to restore “vitality” to agricultural land, allowing them a drastic reduction in CO2 emissions.

Orto Floro Vivaismo: Fertil Biochar;

Food / Grill: Charcoal;

Pharmaceutical / Parapharmacy / Herbalist;

Water / air filtration, activated carbon;