The most popular way to produce fertilazer by organic matters is by composting technology. This way is the easiest way but the least productive.

Hydroswii suggest the following two innovative ways to produce fertilizers:

Charcoal / Biochar to Fertilizer

To avoid trouble create by composting and biodigestion technologies where we try to convert organic matter into fertilizer by low temperature process, Hydroswiss has developed with leader companies in this fiedls, a medium-high termperature technology to tranform organic natural biomass into dry fertilizer.

The main problem of low temperature systems is viruses proliferating.

Viruses have the feature of proliferate at room temperature and they are destroyed at the temperature above at 85°C.

Composting and biodigestion working lower this temperature so this means if a virus came in the process go outside multiplied!

Pyrolisiss and gassification technologies working at the temperature above 450°C, non virus can live in it.

Pyrolisi and Gassification tranform all organic matters into gas and charcoal or biochar, the last one it is possible use as 100% natural fertilizer with no contraindication.


Organic Fertilizer



Poultry Manure Fertilizer