Vegetables grow better Hydroponically.

While we can grow almost anything hydroponically, some vegetables or plants will grow up in hydroponic cultivation more than others.

Hydroponic technology is suggested when standard cultivation is not enought to meet the customers need as:

  1. Water scarcity
  2. High environment temperature
  3. High value of vegetables cultivated
  4. Production increased
  5. Less plant deseases

Thanks the innovative system Hydroswiss is able to supply complete hydroponic solution added with innovative remote control solution.

Conventional Cultivation

Increasing air pollution due to CO2 emissions is a matter of fact and a critical issue for our environment and our life. In addition, the intensive use of pesticides and chemicals for food cultivation have a serious impact on the soil (frequently already contaminated from industrial activities).

All this obviously affects our health.









Organic Cultivation



 Saffron and Aromatic Herbs