Jatropha To Bio-oil

Jatropha curcas is a perennial, poisonous shrub, of a maximum height of about 5 m, belonging to the Euphorbiaceae family. It is commonly known as Barbados nut or Physic nut

Areas of the world where it can grow to the fullest

he plants is native to Central America, where it has been diffused in several other tropical and subtropical areas, is mainly cultivated in Asia and Africa, where it is known as Pourghère. Since it is toxic it is often used as a living fence to protect gardens and gardens from animals, for the same reason in Africa it is used to fence graves and cemeteries. It is highly resistant to arid, it can be cultivated in almost desert areas.

The seeds contain about 30-38% of oil, which is not edible but can be used as a common fuel, as a fuel, after simple filtration, in Diesel engines suitably designed or transformed into Biodiesel through transesterification and usable in all Diesel engines without no specific modification.

Hydroswiss can supply the complete solution from jatropha plants cultivation to biofuel plant production. It is possible to install small application, but the cost-effective size plant is 1500 hectares of jatropha cultivations.

The biofuel produced from jatropha help to reducing CO2 emission and it can considered an important renewable energy.

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