Sale Liquido

The literal translation of SALELIQUIDO is Liquid Salt. This project has a aim in healty field as salt assimilator reducer.

SaporediSaleLiquido is a hyposodic liquid salt obtained with a natural process without the use of chemicals such as potassium that alter the taste of salt and consequently food.

Common salt consists predominantly of sodium (approximately 40%) and chlorine (about 60%), two useful substances, at the right dose, for our body. The problem is that we consume sodium very much, with the result that a valuable ally of our well-being becomes an enemy to health, dangerous for hypertension and cardiopathy and dangerous for those with water retention.
Take care of your health without sacrificing the pleasure and delight of the good table!
Compared to commercially available iodide or modified salts, it contains no added potassium, thus preserving the full original taste of the foods.
SaporediSaleLiquido is recommended for all kinds of raw or uncooked meals.
SaporediSaleLiquido is a food product simply consisting of pure water and pure salt, being a food, its use must be moderated and not abused.
SaporediSaleLiquido helps to limit the sales consumption of food.


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Sale Liquido