13th water tech forum for funding and client/application attraction – Philadelphia may 3rd

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Dear Linkedin fellows,

in our forthcoming www.watervent.com we are proud to present some 50 speakers already (check site).

Already an expert audience for water tech innovators – register!

We do welcome adjacent sectors also (ag, food, indoor/vertical/roof gardening, blue biotech, algae…)

Corporates, cleantech investors, clusters, foundations … welcome

Any questions and recommendations for interested fellows in your network appreciated.

All the best in 2018!

Mit besten Grüßen aus Potsdam!   My best regards from Potsdam!

Ulf Leonhard, Leonhard Ventures Ulf Leonhard e.K., Registered in Amtsgericht Potsdam HRA 6829 P

Villa Anna, Hans-Thoma-Strasse 13, D- 14467 Potsdam

(49) 331-813282-21, -22 Fax (49) 331-813282-23, Mobile (49)15112749148

[email protected]

Corporate Venturing: www.spitze-bleiben.de; www.industrialstartupsonly.com

Water: www.watervent.com

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